Thank you, Site Admin Team!

Friday 6 May 2011 | Keith J. Hamilton

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Thank You Site Admin Thank you, Site Admin Team!

For most people, it’s not often that the people who work really hard behind the scenes are thanked for their efforts.  At MycroBurst, we work hard to remember that every single member of our company is valuable, and we couldn’t succeed without each and every individual.

This post is dedicated to a specific team at MycroBurst, who many clients and graphic designers don’t even realize exist, until they need them. This is, of course, the Site Admin team.

The MycroBurst Site Admin team is made up of a highly-trained group of graphic designers and customer support specialists, and they work extremely hard to moderate and mediate the design contests at

The Site Admins work around the clock to resolve issues. Maybe a designer thinks their design has been copied. Or perhaps a client wants to know why a draft disappeared from a contest. Maybe the project holder never selected a winner, or the designer sent the final files in the wrong format. This is when the Site Admins get to work.

The Site Admins work very to handle every single case in the most honest and fair manner. When needed, they defend graphic designers and support them if a project holder isn’t being fair or asks for too many revisions. And when designers don’t follow the rules or send the correct design files, Site Admins work to get the project holder the designs they paid for.

Site Admins also strongly encourage project holders to guarantee their projects so the designers will feel comfortable entering contests. They monitor contests daily to make sure every contest gets the attention it needs. They will contact project holders and recommend that they update creative briefs, give feedback, and give designers the communication they need. It isn’t an easy job, but it needs to be done.

Site Admins also rely on clients and designers to report copyright issues – there is no way the Site Admins could double check every single draft against every other design on the internet.(The Site Admin Team recommends that issues are reported immediately so they can be looked into before each contest ends.) When designers watch each other and help keep every contest honest, they are helping to strengthen MycroBurst and the design community.

And that is why  we are taking the time to thank the MycroBurst Site Admin Team for the extraordinary effort they put into their job on a daily basis.  Being a Site Admin is a thankless job, and for that, we want to say “Thank You”.


    Yep, I’ve had wonderful experiences with some of the Admins here! They do protect the designers in more than 2/3’s of the contests.

    Thanks to all the Site Administrators!! Keep up the great work!

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