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10 Things a Start-Up Needs Before Starting Up

Tuesday 23 April 2013 | Guest

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Written by MyCorporation CEO, Deborah Sweeney Starting a business from scratch can feel like you’re a hiker at the bottom of Mount Everest beginning to take on the big climb for the first time. You’ve left the comforts of your cubicle and everything that you know and are starting on a completely new adventure. A lot can go wrong if you don’t take the right entrepreneurial precautions, but so much can go right, too. You’re following your dream when you start ...

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Klout for Small Business: 5 Best Practices

Tuesday 5 March 2013 | Guest

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Written by CX's Social Media/Content Strategist, Nicki Escudero Klout: nope, it’s not just a misspelling of the definition of influence – it’s a social network rife with possibilities for small businesses to connect with their customers and industry influencers. The premise is simple – you connect your social networks to your Klout page, and the Klout algorithm determines just how strong of a social presence you as an individual or brand has. You’ll be assigned a number from 1-100 – the higher ...

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Outright.com Solves Accounting Woes

Monday 25 July 2011 | Jessica Kornfeind

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Being your own accountant can be tough and tracking finances can be exhausting.  Not to mention, making sure you’re filing all of the right taxes per state law.  But hiring a professional bookkeeper or accountant can be expensive. You may be happy to hear, there is a cure to these financial headaches …. Outright.com! Outright provides an affordable (free to try for 30 days!) online accounting service.  The website is easy to use and is great for keeping track of each and ...

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5 Small Business Marketing Trends for 2011

Wednesday 29 December 2010 | Keith J. Hamilton

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Business today moves at warp speed, constantly in a state of evolution. Every year, new ideas continue to refine and in some cases, redefine how companies conduct business. Facebook and YouTube viral marketing campaigns are just a few examples of just how companies have moved from traditional business marketing methods towards more innovative trends which better reach their clients and prospective customers. Today’s topic will focus on similar game changing business marketing trends. Business Marketing Trends to Watch Out For: It is very ...

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The Art of Keeping Your Clients

Tuesday 23 November 2010 | Keith J. Hamilton

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Clients are an invaluable asset to the company and are virtually second to none. In my experience, the bench strength of a company is more accurately gauged not by its products, but by the number of clients it services and how successfully it manages to retain them in any given scenario. As such, customer service plays a crucial role in ensuring that no client or customer is left dissatisfied. The Cardinal Rule of Customer Service I am of the opinion that there ...

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