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10 Questions with Joe: David Shepherd, Author & Entrepreneur

Thursday 3 May 2012 | Joe Witte

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David Shepherd is a former business school professor at the University of Texas who has launched successful businesses in the technology and services industries and has just launched a new business to provide guidance about the best business books for entrepreneurs. MycroBurst worked with David on an e-book cover project.  See the contest here. 1.  Who has been your greatest influence as an entrepreneur?  David Shepherd (DS): Steve Jobs. I’ve followed him since his early 20s. I have always purchased Apple products, and I’ve ...

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MycroBurst now has Veiled Projects!

Monday 12 September 2011 | Jessica Kornfeind

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We’re making another upgrade to MycroBurst.com!  Thanks to your feedback, we were able to make this upgrade option possible! MycroBurst will now offer that project holders can host Veiled Projects! What is the Veiled Project upgrade? This upgrade allows designs submitted to a project to be unseen to most people.  While designers will be able to see the designs they upload but no other designer’s designs will be visible to them. Only the project holder can see all designs submitted to their project.  Anyone ...

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What Online Design Contests and American Idol have in Common

Monday 23 May 2011 | Keith J. Hamilton

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The idea came to me while I was watching American Idol with my family this past week (Go Lauren, Go!). This comparison is no doubt, rather unorthodox. But think about it for a minute. Online logo design contests and American Idol do have a lot of things in common and today’s post will highlight these similarities. We have super stars too you know! The Pinnacle of Passion Passion is the quintessential element that can be found everywhere in American Idol performances and ...


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New Policy For Non-Guaranteed Projects

Sunday 5 December 2010 | Keith J. Hamilton

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Everyone loves Guaranteed projects because participants are assured that once a contest ends, a winner will be selected and paid in full either by the project holder or by MycroBurst.com. However, this makes Non-guaranteed projects rather unattractive and far less lucrative to designers – until now. Realizing the need to revamp Non-Guaranteed projects, MycroBurst.com introduced a new policy last month in order to reward designers for their hard work. Earn $50 for Submitting Design Concepts The policy which went into immediate effect ...

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New Policy Regarding Winner Selection

Friday 5 November 2010 | Keith J. Hamilton

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Selecting a winner can be a daunting prospect for a contest holder. The astounding design drafts submitted on MycroBurst.com can sometimes make that task exceedingly difficult. While there can be no better compliment, as a designer, there is nothing more frustrating than to see a closed contest still without a winner. Good News for Designers! After much collaboration and feedback from the designers, MycroBurst.com is announcing a new policy regarding winner selection for online design contests. “If a contest holder does not make ...

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