Parallels Access: The Entrepreneur’s Dream App

Thursday 29 August 2013 | Danielle Pacelli

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parallels access 3 Parallels Access: The Entrepreneur’s Dream App

Let’s be honest here – if you’re an entrepreneur or business owner of some sort, chances are that you’re always working (and when you’re not, you’re thinking about work). Being in front of your desktop or laptop isn’t always a possibility, and if you find yourself becoming more and more mobile these days, then this iPad app will change your life. Parallels Access is the very first iPad app to let you run any application from your Mac or PC on your tablet. It will cost you $79.99 (per year per machine), but that’s really just a fraction of what you end up spending on other software, and this application will blow your mind! Here’s why:

“Applification” is the word that Parallels uses to describe the iPad tailoring that they have successfully achieved with Access. The app doesn’t just give you a window back to another machine, it literally tailors the programs from the computer to be run effectively and beautifully on the iPad. It takes both the screen resolution and user experience into account, making it feel as though you are actually working on your laptop or desktop.

Wi-Fi Freedom
Obviously, this application will need Wi-Fi connection to successfully connect your laptop or desktop to your iPad, BUT it does not have to be connected to the same network. This means you’re free! All you need to do is leave your desktop or laptop running and connected to the internet (with the Parallels Access software installed), and you can connect to any Wi-Fi connection in the world and gain total access to everything from your iPad.

Program Accessibility
The coolest thing about this application is that it allows you to run programs that aren’t even available on the iPad by accessing your laptop or desktop, Mac or PC. This means that programs, like Microsoft Word, which do not exist as iPad apps can actually be used on the iPad. You’ll literally have no reason not to be productive – anything that you could do at home or in the office, you can do anywhere from your tablet!

This app isn’t completely perfected yet (Windows is still in beta and some features are glitchy), but it is the first and only app of its kind on the market, and it’s probably going to change a lot about how people work. Would you try this app? Leave a comment below or tweet us, @MycroBurst!

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