Disney Logo Plays off Complexity in Redesign

The Disney Channel has long been a staple of Disney entertainment, and their logo has gone through numerous iterations. Their latest version has been an accepted part of the industry since 2002, but as companies often do, Disney decided it ...


The New Bacardi Logo – It’s Five O’ Clock Somewhere!

When researching the liquor market one is amazed by the saturation of the brightly colored labels, and bottles offering you any variety of fantastic experiences and emotions. It’s a competitive industry for any logo design, but the Bacardi Rum image ...


Announcing the winner of Contest: Think Design!

Having been inactive for a long time we launched Logo Design Guru’s blog again a few months ago and decided that with the new launch we should recreate the representative image as well. The logo design contest launched was offset ...


Is Netflix Joining the Minimalists? Do they need to Rebrand?

In some of Netflix’s recent promotional material, a new logo has been gracing computer screens around the country. It carries the same general shape, a rounded bottom with a more flat top. But the differences follow the ...