MycroBurst Designer Spotlight: mdsgrafix!

Tuesday 20 September 2011 | Jessica Kornfeind

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blogmarceloinfob MycroBurst Designer Spotlight:  mdsgrafix!

It’s that time again … MycroBurst’s Designer Spotlight!  This week’s featured designer is Marcelo Da Silva.  Marcelo was kind enough to participate in this interview and it’s enabled us to see how he has evolved into such a successful designer.  Be sure to take note of a few of his designs that we’ve included!


MycroBurst (MB):  How did you get interested in designing?

Marcelo (M): Since I was about 8, I watched my uncle do freehand drawings and like my uncle, I too had the talent to draw free hand.  When I was 15 I did 2 weeks [of] work experience at a graphic design company and got the design bug.

MB: If you remember, what was the first thing you ever designed?

M: The first thing I designed was the logo for my own DJ company when I was 17.  It was a simple logo containing square gold fonts on a black background.

MB: Where do you get your inspiration and ideas for your designs?

M: My ideas and inspiration come from every day things.  Whether it’s a leaf, flower or a piece of clothing.  But most times [my designs] just pop into my head.  I do photography so I tend to use my camera to capture abstract shapes.

Banner1withgrey MycroBurst Designer Spotlight:  mdsgrafix!

MB: What is your favorite thing to design?

M: My favorite thing to design is clean, modern, iconic logos.

MB: What do you like best about designing?

M: The best thing about designing is being able to be creative.  Having your unique style and providing a brand and identity for a client or company, that’s [a] very rewarding feeling for me, especially seeing your work later on a street billboard, website, t-shirt, etc.

MB: If you could give other designers some advice, what three things would you tell them?

M: My advice to other designers is to stay true to yourself, with your own style.  Keep away from the use of clip art and listen to your clients’ needs.  Also, surround yourself with good people that inspire you in some way, they don’t need to be designers, they can be from any industry, [just] as long as they are professional and give you motivation.

Banner3 MycroBurst Designer Spotlight:  mdsgrafix!

MB: What do you like about working for MycroBurst?

M: What I like about MycroBurst is that it has a community-like feel, yet extremely professional with a relaxed approach.  The MB Support Team has always been there when needed and that gives you a sense of belonging and that you are not just a number.

MB: Other than designing, what do you like to do in your free time?  What are your interests and hobbies?

M: I play sports, walk my dogs, do photography and write music.  Something I like doing, as it relaxes me and clears my head, is gardening.

MB: Thank you for this great interview!  Do you have any parting words you would like to leave our readers?

M: Yes.  As designers, it’s extremely important to listen to your clients’ needs and base your design on your creative style, but keep in mind what the client’s requests and expectations are.

Banner2 MycroBurst Designer Spotlight:  mdsgrafix!

As you can see, Marcelo has done some great work for the project holders at MycroBurst.  We thank him for his time and wish him luck on all future contests. Keep up the great work Marcelo!

Want to see more of Marcelo’s work?  Visit his MycroBurst portfolio!
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