MycroBurst Designer Spotlight: Hatter!

Tuesday 4 October 2011 | Jessica Kornfeind

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blogHATTERinfo MycroBurst Designer Spotlight:  Hatter!

Welcome to another week of MycroBurst’s Designer Spotlight!  We are taking some time to meet and talk with so many of our designers and then showcasing their skills on our blog – we hope you are all enjoying learning about our designers as much as we are!

Today’s designer is Hatter, from the UK.  By looking at her MycroBurst profile, you can tell she has an impressive skill set!  How did she get to be the talented designer she is today?  Great question … it’s a good thing we recently spoke with Hatter, let’s see what she had to say!

MycroBurst (MB): Hello Hatter!  Thank you for allowing us to interview you for our Designer Spotlight!  So let’s start off with understanding something pretty basic; how did you get interested in designing?

Hatter (H): When I was small, I mostly spent my time playing with chalk in the playground.  While all the other kids were playing hopskotch and tag, I would sit in a corner drawing figures on the ground.  As a child, I was always drawn to watching cartoons – an artistic style that is still a favourite of mine.  Since childhood, I have developed a deep respect for this style as it continues to offer me the opportunity to enjoy vivid colours and a purity of form.

hatter logos 1 MycroBurst Designer Spotlight:  Hatter!

(MB): How interesting!  It’s great to see your interest started at a young age, showing natural born talent!  If you remember, what was the first thing you ever designed?

(H): I got my first commission when I was ten.  My school had a jumble sale poster competition – I won it. I drew an elephant that was pulling and throwing clothes out of a cardboard box.

The school declared me the outright winner. There was normally a heat with this kind of competition, but this time, they were sure of the winner from the start. They later told me that what they loved about my design was: all the vibrant colours, the humour of it, and that the design had so much movement and life in it.

(MB): Success at a young age, congrats on that – very impressive!  So where do you get your inspiration and ideas for your unique designs?

(H): Origination is something I feel I was born with.  I’m a bit like Mozart in the sense that all his musical ideas came to him ‘whole’ – he never made them up as he went along.

My ideas come in the same way: as soon as I read a client’s spec, I have the idea for what I want to create and design. Where the ideas come from is a mystery – as it is for many artists.

(MB): I can see the originality in your designs – it is a true definition of custom design!  Contests aside, what is your favorite thing to design?

(H): I love working with character illustrations and mascots. Since childhood, I have always felt moved to translate the more human qualities into a design. I find so much design work lacks humour and life. When these qualities exist in a design, that design contains more energy, movement, and power – it has more presence.

There is a designer whose work I really admire for these reasons: MNorth – her work has impact and packs a punch. (Visit MNorth’s MycroBurst profile!)

(MB): One can definitely see the energy you are describing in your designs!  That being said, what do you believe is your design specialty (ex: logos, stationery)?

(H): Logos, Mascots, and illustrations.

hatter logos 2 MycroBurst Designer Spotlight:  Hatter!

(MB): Your passion for design work shines through in the designs that you create.  What do you like best about designing?

(H): One of the things I love about design work, is the buzz I get from helping a client visually realize their company identity. It’s like putting all their feelings, aspirations, and hopes for their company, in a picture.

There is something else: the relationship I often have with a client. When a client is extremely excited about a design I have created for them – for their company – they often see their company in a new light. And having a brand new logo captures what the company stands for – in an image. When I feel that I have accurately created, and matched, a design with that identity, I know that my client can have the maximum impact they need.

(MB):  What a great outlook to have, I’m sure that definitely enables your continued success! If you could give other designers some advice, what would you tell them?

(H): As I’ve mentioned above, I don’t know where my ideas come from, but I know that they come from within me.

I would say to any designer who is serious about developing creatively:
Go within for inspiration. Dig as deep as you can within your own experience and imagination to find your ideas. There are two pay-offs doing things this way: first, you know that your designs are yours. Second, you, as a creative designer, are an artist, rather than being an “aspiring” one.

(MB): I’m sure all of the MycroBurst designers appreciate the great advice!  What do you like about working for MycroBurst?

(H): The community factor.

hatter logos 3 MycroBurst Designer Spotlight:  Hatter!

(MB): We love our community too.  icon smile MycroBurst Designer Spotlight:  Hatter!  Other than designing, what do you like to do in your free time? What are your interests and hobbies?

(H): When I’m not designing, I teach Tai Chi. A balanced inner world creates a balanced outer one – creative design included!
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What an amazing interview; all of the designs in this post were created by our featured designer as well! We can’t thank you enough, Hatter.  Being able to see what makes our designers tick opens a whole new world of our design community and it couldn’t make us any more excited!  We wish you luck on all your future endeavors and with your continued success at MycroBurst!

Are you running a project and want Hatter to design for you?  Don’t forget to invite her!  Once again; visit her MycroBurst profile now!

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