MycroBurst Employee Spotlight: The VIP Account Manager!

Tuesday 23 October 2012 | Jessica Kornfeind

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MycroBurst has stellar employees and we think it’s time we show them off!  Every so often we’ll use OnTheCloud to introduce you to a MycroBurst employee.  You’ll learn a little bit about them and  you’ll hear straight from the source about their role here at MB.

MycroBurst’s VIP Account Manager is responsible for keeping up with our VIP customers and she also dabbles in managing the office (including making sure there’s always something to snack on – which I HIGHLY approve of!).  She’s a girl of many talents and has been with MB for 4 years!  Ladies and gents, I introduce to you ….

karenpic MycroBurst Employee Spotlight: The VIP Account Manager!
PinExt MycroBurst Employee Spotlight: The VIP Account Manager!

How did you find MycroBurst?
I was involved with our parent company before MycroBurst was here.   It evolved during the time that I was a design consultant for Logo Design Guru.

What type of projects are your favorite to manage?
I really like to manage all types of design projects, but web design is my favorite. At the end of a web design project you get to see the design live and fully functioning on a domain. 

In a nutshell, tell us about your position here at MycroBurst:
Customer service and project management are two necessary parts of being the VIP Manager at MycroBurst. I have learned how to make the best experience for my customers so that they will keep coming back.  While working with my clientele, my main objective is to keep them satisfied but also to making sure their project is on track and yields the results they want.  This can be a challenge at times.  So, I use my experience, time management and understanding of their needs and wants.

What is your key to success at MB?
You always have to be a step ahead of your clients.  Always notate project updates and anticipate any kinds of questions.  I do this by tracking the projects and continuing to research and educate myself in this field, all whiles being sure guidelines, policies and procedures are upheld.  All of my clients deserve the best service, so I’m determined to provide that.

What’s your favorite part of working at MycroBurst?
My favorite part of MycroBurst is seeing the business evolve. Being part of both administrative and customer service, I get to see how the business works, different tactics used and new ideas to generate more sales.  This really helps to keep projects running efficiently.

What’s one piece of advice you’d give to our project holders, VIP or otherwise?
The best advice I can give someone hosting a design contest would be to respond and comment on designers’ submissions and messages. This will keep your contest on track and you’ll get the most design concepts.

What do you like to design or create?
Personally, I like to design brochures and marketing collateral.  I like using a company’s logo and then to create complimenting design elements in the brochure in conjunction with typesetting.

Aside from graphic design, I also love creating and designing the decoration of cakes!

karencakes MycroBurst Employee Spotlight: The VIP Account Manager!
PinExt MycroBurst Employee Spotlight: The VIP Account Manager!
(Author’s note:  We can all attest, her cakes are to die for!)

Your favorite place to visit is…
Philadelphia! I always love walking around and seeing the history, culture and trying new food!

What’s your favorite thing to pin on Pinterest?
Recipes for sure! (Follow Karen on Pinterest here!)

Paper or plastic? Coke or Pepsi? Chocolate or Vanilla?
Plastic, generally Coke and Chocolate and Vanilla both, yes please! Anything sweet goes for me!

What fun fact about MB can you share with us?
When we were choosing the tagline for MycroBurst, the close winner was Design Storm Center.  Quite different from our current one, Get Drenched In Design!

Huge thanks to Karen for allowing me to pick her brain a little!  Be sure to leave Karen a message in the comment section below.  Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter, @MycroBurst!

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