How to Create the Right Culture for Your Small Business

Thursday 2 May 2013 | Danielle Pacelli

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“Culture Shmulture,” you might be thinking, but stop right there: Office culture is a lot more important than you think. Your office’s culture will determine your business’ success. It’s quite simple: culture breeds enthusiasm and happiness, and enthusiasm and happiness boost productivity. Creating the right culture for your company might seem complicated or costly, but it’s not, and the benefits will certainly outweigh any doubts you have.

Hire Cultural Fits
It’s important to hire someone who performs well and has the right skill set, but you also need to make sure you are hiring someone who will fit in well and help to maintain the culture. Remember that the person you are about to hire will represent your company both inside and out of the office. If this person isn’t nice and friendly, it will reflect badly on your company.

Make Sure Employees Understand the Company’s Mission
If your employees understand and believe in the company’s mission, then employees will be happy and bring a positive energy to the workplace and to their responsibilities. If employees are not passionate about the core values, then it will just be another job for them. This will lead to discontent and less productivity.

Don’t Always Leave Decisions to Management
Larger companies tend to only allow management to make decisions, but smaller companies have the advantage of being able to create an atmosphere where all employees can suggest ideas and aid in decision making. This is important because it makes employees care more about their job. Instead of coming in at 9 AM, doing what they are told and leaving at 5 PM, they will feel more inspired and connected to the company. In short, they’ll feel empowered.

Promote Unity
In a small business, it’s important that everyone feels like part of the team. If your office is small and everyone is working autonomously, it could lead to boredom and isolation. Doing simple things like going out to lunch together once in a while or doing some sort of team-building activity help keep everyone connected and willing to collaborate.

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