Great People, Great Conversations

Tuesday 22 March 2011 | Keith J. Hamilton

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customer21 1024x768 Great People, Great Conversations

We have met and talked to hundreds of people today.  The best part about talking to people is that we get to learn about people and their businesses and what they need. No business can succeed if they stay at their desks and guess who their customers are – you need to actually meet them. Business is not just business, it’s really a social transaction between real people.

Customer1 1024x768 Great People, Great Conversations

Trade shows like SES help network businesses with other businesses, and with potential customers. We’ve had a great day filled with great conversations. Our existing customers know how great MycroBurst is, and we hope today has helped convince more people to join the MycroBurst family.

And if you are reading this, and you saw us at SES, please let us know!


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