Designing for the Fight against Childhood Cancer

Thursday 25 April 2013 | Danielle Pacelli

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As a graphic design company, we are accustomed to helping customers achieve their desired design. But it’s not every day that we get a project as unique and special as this one. We were approached by Emmy award-winning producer Mike Gillette, who is an advocate of The Truth 365. The Truth 365 is a documentary and social media campaign aimed at giving a voice to all children fighting all forms of cancer.

While we’ve hosted many different types of design products on our website over the years (from yoga mats to package design and everything in between), this request was truly unique. Gillette contacted us on behalf of 11-year-old Bailey, who is battling Osteosarcoma, a form of bone cancer commonly diagnosed in children under the age of 15.

Bailey had her right leg amputated last year, and had a prosthetic created to take its place. The original prosthetic leg matched her skin color, but now that she is due for a replacement, she decided to get a design that would promote awareness of childhood cancer (a rather heroic move for a young girl). So, we embarked on our design journey and got Bailey just what she wanted – a design that would let people know what she bravely faces on a daily basis.

3205043 5400 Designing for the Fight against Childhood Cancer

The design that Bailey chose was created by Radu Nicolae, who has been a designer for MycroBurst for about two and a half years now. He used neutral colors, so the design will not clash with Bailey’s clothing, and he incorporated the ribbon logo for the cause. We’re looking forward to seeing the printed design, and we hope that it brings a big smile to Bailey’s face.

Bailey 2 Designing for the Fight against Childhood Cancer

Stay tuned for updates on our beautiful friend, Bailey! Show some love for her in the comments below or tweet @MycroBurst!

    Mike Gillette

    Thank you so much Mycroburst!!! Bailey is going to love her new leg design!

    Danielle Pacelli

    You’re very welcome! I can’t wait to see it.

    Joe Witte

    I love this girl and her courage! Thanks Bailey for inspiring me!


    Thank you MycroBurst…from Bailey and her mama. We think the new design is terrific and Bailey is so excited for her new leg!!! We are so grateful for this very cool opportunity and that she’ll be able to spread awareness about childhood cancer each and every day. We will be sure to send pictures once the leg is complete!

    Danielle Pacelli

    You and Bailey are very welcome! Thanks for letting us be a part of this journey. We can’t wait to see her new leg, and we hope she enjoys it. Hope to get an update from you soon :)

    Mandi Alarie

    Bailey — you go girl! I love your picture — your spirit shines through every part of you! You so obviously touch every person you meet. Go, kiddo and meet your GOOD!

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