Design a Logo for SPUD WEBB – NBA Slam Dunk Champion!

Wednesday 21 April 2010 | Keith J. Hamilton

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webb1 Design a Logo for SPUD WEBB – NBA Slam Dunk Champion!

High profile corporations and establishments aside, the success of online design contests by is now garnering the attention of celebrities as well!

Basketball Logos – Representing the Love of the Game!

Everyone fancies Basketball logos especially the sport enthusiasts. They are extremely popular for their nifty looks. However, they also have a huge symbolic value for people like Spud Webb, who have devoted a big part of their lives to the sport and made a career out of it. Sportsmen are keen about incorporating such symbols into their future endeavors as a means to stay connected with Basketball and for showing their passion for the sport.

Crowdsourcing the Basketball Passion

Crowdsourcing is playing an active part in bringing this passion to light by helping provide attractive logos and accurately portraying a better understanding of what people generally think of Basketball as a sports and representation. Case in point NBA Slam Dunk Champion Spud Webb who recently chose to host an online design contest in search of an attractive basketball logo for his official website. The logo design contest by Spud Webb is an exciting piece of news for designers as this contest provides a once in a lifetime opportunity for them to be a part of something special and get recognition for showcasing their skills to millions of fans around the world.

Slam Dunk Opportunity for Logo Designers!

Opportunities like this are rare for designers and do not come all year round. The winning logo will replace the existing one on Spud Webb’s official website. Furthermore, it will be viewed by millions of Spud Webb fans worldwide and give the winning logo designer instant recognition for his/her work.

Spud Webb’s Logo Design Contest Details

The contest has been online for only a few days and already the design drafts are starting to flow in from around the world. The prize amount for the contest is set at USD $300. Detailed information about the contest and design guidelines the can be found at the Design Brief on

The requirements by NBA Basketball star Spud Webb are very flexible giving designers plenty of room to use their imagination and creativity. There are no specific tag line requirements and the overall intended effect of the logo has to be unique, creative and masculine without having to rely on feminine colors such as pink and yellow. encourages all talented designers to participate in this online design contest. This is one slam dunk opportunity no designer should miss out on!

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