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Tuesday 8 March 2011 | Keith J. Hamilton

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customer spotlight CravingTech Customer Spotlight – Michael Aulia and

Technology is Michael Aulia’s passion. He has been writing “tech news and reviews” on his blog,, for three years. His award-winning blog has a loyal audience of readers from around the world. While old homemade logo did the job, the quality wasn’t good enough to use on business cards. Aulia decided it was time for a logo redesign, and chose MycroBurst to host his design contest.

CravingTech new logo Customer Spotlight – Michael Aulia and

Aulia can’t stop raving about his great experience at MycroBurst.  He got excited every time he received an email informing him of a new draft. He gave plenty of feedback to the designers, and was really happy that they kept submitting drafts even as he changed his mind often. In his own words, he described:

“Having a place like MycroBurst really helps me out because I can
pick a variety of design styles from different designers, then work on
one or two. Limiting yourself to one particular designer is hard because
every designer normally has their own mindset and style, which may not
match yours. There are a few other sites offering similar services like
MycroBurst but at the end I picked MycroBurst for the affordability and
a clearer terms and conditions.”

You can see the logo contest here.

The author advises everyone to get a professional logo like his. Says Aulia, “If you really want to take your company or business to the next level, you need to pay the price for a great and memorable logo. You can get a logo as cheap as $10 if you want, but it will never match the quality of a premium one. Having a good logo is like a long term investment, so you shouldn’t always think about the cost, the cost, and the cost.” He added that he would definitely use again if ever needs any more design work.

CarvingTech business card Customer Spotlight – Michael Aulia and

He is using his new logo not only on the blog and business cards, but also on his email signature and Facebook fan page. He said that the designer of his winning logo, Raindesign, is “really talented and I’m glad that he is active in MycroBurst.”

To read Aulia’s blog post about his entire MycroBurst logo design experience, click here.

    Michael Aulia

    Thank you for giving me a spotlight :) I hope others will have the same great experience that I had at MycroBurst

    Keith J. Hamilton

    Thank you for using our services Michael. We are happy to know that you had a good experience with us. Wishing you all the best for your future endeavors :)

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