10 Ways Cloud Storage Can Benefit Your Business

Tuesday 13 November 2012 | Guest

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Written by CX’s Social Media/Content Strategist, Nicki Escudero

cxcloudbanner 10 Ways Cloud Storage Can Benefit Your Business

Today’s bring-your-own-device landscape means more employees are working remotely on their own machines, from tablets to smartphones. These devices allow business to be conducted anywhere and it is crucial for businesses to ensure their data is protected and available to on-the-go employees. Cloud storage providers, such as CX, allow businesses to manage and access data from any device, to securely back up documents and to increase transparency and collaboration. Here are 10 reasons why your business should start using cloud storage now.

1. Automatic sync and backup

With businesses losing an average of $5,000 per minute in an IT outage, backing up your data is crucial. Hardware failures, data breaches, environmental disasters, and simple accidental keystroke deletions can permanently delete your data, which may put your business at risk of losing mission critical information and even customers.  Cloud storage automatically and securely syncs and backs up your files to a remote location making data loss from hardware failures, security breaches and environmental disasters much less likely.  Some cloud storage providers automatically save multiple file versions to also protect you from accidental keystroke deletions.

2. Better collaboration

Cloud storage not only securely syncs and backs up your files, it also enables your team to collaborate more effectively. Many cloud storage platforms allow users to comment on specific files, to chat in real-time about projects or files and to automatically notify team members of file revisions.  With activity feeds, users may stay up-to-date on all group activities in real time.  Cloud storage also makes it easier to work together on large files that are difficult to e-mail.

3. Document organization

Cloud storage helps you easily organize documents and make them accessible to your team from one central destination. It’s also simple to restrict access to folders.  Access can be assigned based on project, client team, functional team or seniority.  Some cloud storage providers show you when changes were made on documents, as well as notes on those files.

4. No IT required

Cloud storage requires no additional IT support. Upload your files to the cloud, and rest easy knowing they’re on secure servers monitored by professionals who will ensure your data stays safe. Make sure your cloud storage has a comprehensive security practice that includes both in-transit and at-rest encryption and robust sharing controls.

5. Access-from-anywhere features

Cloud storage makes work more efficient by making all your files available on any device from anywhere and at anytime.  There is now no need to be chained to an office desk to work. This is an especially helpful feature for customer-facing employees who are often on the road and for employees who work remotely.

6. Increased transparency

There’s been plenty of research about how transparency can create a better work environment, and cloud storage helps create more transparency. With cloud storage, team members are able to hold each other accountable since they’re able to see what their team members are working on and can collaborate in real time.

7. No extra hardware required

Look for a cloud storage provider that features file syncing, and kiss that flash drive and tape back-up good-bye. With file syncing, you can save files in one folder on your computer and have them automatically appear on any other device.

8. Quick and secure file sharing, regardless of file size

Cloud storage allows you to quickly and securely share files both with team members and with external partners, regardless of file size.  You no longer need to deal with the hassle of FTP sites, burning CD’s or getting large e-mail attachments rejected. Instead, invite external partners to securely view or download your file from the cloud. For businesses who like to share files on social networks or publicly with others, cloud storage also allows you to quickly get a link to share files publicly through e-mail or social networks, all in one place.

9. Eliminate the hassle of e-mail

Teams that currently share files primarily through e-mail know that long e-mail threads can be difficult to sift through to find the right attachment or to see who made what changes. Cloud storage solves these problems by providing a centralized location for your teams’ files that is accessible to all designated team members.  Some cloud storage providers also allow your team to track document evolution so you always know what changes were made when by whom.

10. Versions and file history

Have you ever accidentally erased or saved over an old version of a document that you now need to access? Cloud storage can help alleviate this problem.  Some cloud storage providers save all revisions of a file, so that you can always go back and view past work, even if you’ve deleted or changed the most recent version.

Gartner.com predicts “at least 50 percent of enterprise email users will rely primarily on a browser, tablet or mobile client instead of a desktop client by 2016.” Get a head start on your cloud storage strategy now and start doing business more efficiently than ever before.

Nicki Escudero is the social media and content strategist for CX, which provides cloud storage solutions to businesses and individuals that contains all the features mentioned in this article. To try out CX for Business for free for 30 days, no credit card required, go here.



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