7 Ways Brands Can Build Relationships with Other Brands on Facebook

Friday 15 February 2013 | Guest

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Written by CX’s Social Media/Content Strategist, Nicki Escudero

mycorp 7 Ways Brands Can Build Relationships with Other Brands on Facebook

For many brands, utilizing Facebook is all about connecting with consumers. Brands set up a page and then create their whole Facebook marketing strategy only on generating leads directly through people who “Like” their page. But beyond wishing your posts will appear in your followers’ feeds and praying that they’ll engage with what you’re posting, brands may also use Facebook as a way to connect with other brands. By employing Facebook not only as a tool to connect with your current consumers, but also by forming relationships with like-minded businesses, your brand will be exposed to whole new audiences, and you’ll be on your way to generating new leads based on the partnerships you form with other pages. Below, find seven ways your brand’s Facebook page can interact with others to help boost your own marketing.

1. “Like” other pages. Use Facebook as your brand page, and start searching for any businesses who have shown support for yours in the past. If you met several cool people from one company at a networking event, “Like” their business’ page the next day. Did you outsource your logo design? Give them a virtual thumbs-up. Whenever you guest blog for a brand, or vice-versa, give them a “Like.” Your brand will appear in their “New Likes” column, and they’ll be reminded that you’re a rock star who’s willing to publicly show your support for them on Facebook – and maybe they’ll return the favor and show off their admiration for you to their own fans by “Like”-ing your page, as well.

2. Comment on content. Now that your brand is “Like”-ing lots of new pages, do an at-least daily check of your news feed while you’re using Facebook as your page. See content your brand can weigh in on? Leave a comment. If it’s meaningful, other users might click over to your page to see what you’re all about, too. Social media is all about reciprocity, so if you want more “Like”’s on your page, you’re going to have to “Like” others, as well.
3. Interact with other commenters. It’s exciting when the almighty voice behind the brand interacts with you as a consumer on an individual basis. If something someone says sparks your interest, respond to the comment, and get a discussion going. The more engaging the Facebook discussion your brand is a part of, the higher it will show up in that page’s fans’ feeds. And by genuinely interacting with single users, you’re on your way to getting them to give you permission to market to them and may possibly create more brand advocates for you.

4. Share relevant content. If you see an article, photo, video, or blog that reminds you of a brand you have a relationship with, let them know by posting it on their Facebook wall. A lengthy discussion might be fueled, the brand might re-share the content themselves and attribute you for the tip, or users might be attracted to the kind of content you’re sharing with the brand they love – and start to love you and follow you for more worthwhile content such as that, as well.

5. Tag other brands when posting content. Similarly, if you share content that comes from somewhere else, give the brand some props by tagging their page while you’re sharing it. This way, not only will they see that you’re working on that relationship, they can also directly share that post from your page, which will show off your Facebook page to their followers. You can also share content on your own page directly from other pages, which really shows you value what their brand has to say. This can also lead to more shared content between pages – make sure to always thank pages for showing your brand support, and go a step further by reaching out to social media strategists to discuss deliberate strategy for shared content.

6. Conduct a joint campaign. Facebook is also a powerful avenue for partnering up for wide-reaching digital marketing campaigns. Your brand and a like-minded brand could run the same contest and cross-promote for each other, thus doubling your entry pool while also hopefully gaining new converts. Or, you and other brands could pick one theme and then conduct individual contests based on a joint theme and branding. For example, for a Valentine’s Day contest where entrants have to show what love means to them, a design firm, a video production agency and a photography studio could partner up and accept graphic designs, videos and photos, respectively, in conjunction with the same contest they promote to all their followers. The possibilities for partnering up on a Facebook campaign are endless, and you’re bound to learn a lot in the process with those partner brands.

7. Use Facebook to get in touch with brands’ social media strategists. If you’d like to partner up with a brand but want to save time digging through websites to find contact information for social media strategists, Facebook allows you to contact them in one simple step – by messaging the page directly. Send a friendly e-mail introducing yourself and telling them you’re open to partnerships and sharing content. This might lead to a guest writer for your company blog, a joint campaign for your business or even sales for your company. Other social media strategists can become some of your brand’s biggest allies, and Facebook is a great avenue to start that relationship.

How else does your brand build relationships with other brands on Facebook? Let us know in the comments.

Nicki Escudero is the social media and content strategist for CX, which provides cloud storage solutions to businesses and individuals, with a focus on collaboration with features such as groups, chat and social network sharing. To try out CX for Business for free for 30 days, no credit card required, go here.

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