7 Inspirational Steve Jobs Quotes for Designers

Thursday 13 October 2011 | Keith J. Hamilton

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Inspirational Steve Jobs 7 Inspirational Steve Jobs Quotes for Designers

Steve Jobs brought a technological revolution, changing the world as we know it. He not only changed the way we work but also the way we live and how we communicate. Sadly, this remarkable founder of Apple Inc. is no longer with us. Nothing can be said to possibly fill the void left behind. Though his death is sadly mourned, we cherish the years of technological revolution he created for us. His legacy will live on through his creations.

Steve Jobs was one of the best entrepreneurs, IT enthusiasts and innovators. He is not only an inspiration for tech lovers but also for graphic designers. Designers can learn a great deal from him.

To inspire our graphic designers, I have compiled seven inspirational quotes by Steve Jobs. I will explain how each quote teaches us about the essence of designing as well.

steve jobs quote 1 7 Inspirational Steve Jobs Quotes for Designers

Usability: Steve Jobs made sure that his products were not only visually appealing but also practical. This usability factor is something all graphic designers can apply to their work. Whether you are a logo designer, a web designer or just a graphic designer – whatever you create must stand out while effectively promoting the client’s message. The products that Steve Jobs created not only look and feel good, but each works like none other. These aspects make each creation always in-demand.

steve jobs quote 2 7 Inspirational Steve Jobs Quotes for Designers

Research and Understand: Before starting to work on any design, designers should always conduct proper research and spend time learning the client’s business and industry. Unfortunately, this is the step that most designers often miss and end up creating amateur designs. Researching about the client’s industry leads to understanding the design demands. Thus you will come up with even better ideas to share with the client.

steve jobs quote 3 7 Inspirational Steve Jobs Quotes for Designers

Innovative Designing: To be a leader in your field you mustn’t follow anyone. You must use your creative talent to make innovative designs that will inspire others. Many new graphic designers find it easier to create designs based on derivative work, rather than utilizing their own imagination. This might appear to save you time and effort but instead it leads to losing credibility as a graphic designer. If you are not a unique designer, then how do you expect to be a leader in the design world? Apple was founded not just out of technical ingenuity, but out of innovative and challenging ideas.

steve jobs quote 4 7 Inspirational Steve Jobs Quotes for Designers

Customer Satisfaction: This is what we stress regularly to our designers – Don’t just listen to your client, discuss your ideas with them. Share your thoughts and provide your clients with multiple drafts when creating a design. Remember, clients are not exactly design experts.

While they know what they want, your creative input and ideas can help them see a whole new approach. Aside from sticking to the design brief, show the client some other ideas that you think may work best for their business. This simple effort will gain your client’s admiration and help you stand out as a designer.

steve jobs quote 5 7 Inspirational Steve Jobs Quotes for Designers

Simplicity: Simplicity is that one design rule that you should never overlook. While a complex design appears to be all that, it typically isn’t appreciated by anyone. Simplicity is a hard goal to achieve.

If your design is too simple, it might lose its appeal. Making your design too busy and you could confuse the viewers. When designing, be sure to create a balance and always search for feedback. Ask friends to give you critical, as well as positive, feedback. This way you can learn and develop your design power.

steve jobs quote 6 7 Inspirational Steve Jobs Quotes for Designers

Passion for Work: This quote doesn’t need any further explanation. Do you love what you do? If you do, then you are obviously more passionate. You may also be more inclined to put in the hard work, not just for monetary benefits, but for self satisfaction.

For those who don’t love what they do, they may not establish a strong position in their field of work. Passion is the force behind any great work. If you love what you do, then you will not look at it as work but you will be satisfied from doing your best.

steve jobs quote 7 7 Inspirational Steve Jobs Quotes for Designers

Never Give Up: It takes years of hard work, dedication and patience to reach a successful destination. When Steve Jobs was fired from Apple in 1985, he didn’t give up. Instead he went on to start another company called ‘Next.’ He continued to work hard and within a year he was back at ‘Apple.’ It has been said the company was incomplete without him.

As a designer, you might not succeed in the first few attempts. At times it might take over a couple dozen attempts to win a contest but, the important thing is not to give up but to keep trying. Remember, you don’t really fail until you give up.

No one can replace a great innovator like Steve Jobs. He left a permanent mark in our minds and our lives with his extraordinary creation and will always be remembered. On behalf of the MycroBurst community I would like to extend our deepest condolences to his family and friends.

Thank you Steve Jobs for the legacy you left behind for all of us. You will be missed.


    A short, sweet collection of quotes. Nice and simple typography too. Nice job. Steve Jobs will be missed for years to come.


    “Through exploration and learning one could understand seemingly very complex things” Steve Jobs

    This is the very foundation of the teaching techniques and ideaology of the Technology Learning Center. That’s why we want a very clean logo but with sophistication.

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