25+ Free Resources for Graphic Designers

Thursday 20 January 2011 | Keith J. Hamilton

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25 design resources 25+ Free Resources for Graphic Designers

Attention to detail and depth of creativity – These two qualities are indicative of a great graphic designer. However, to it must be noted that designers cannot achieve either of these attributes without sufficient knowledge, resources and tools. In today’s post, I will highlight some of these highly efficient and informative graphic design resources that all designers regardless of experience will find extremely helpful.

So without further ado, here they are…


  1. Grunge Fusion – Learn how to create cool grunge textures by blending modes and filters
  2. Realistic Golden Text – Mimic gold and create beautiful golden text in Pixelmator
  3. Gooey Text – Create 3-D gooey looking text with minimal drawing
  4. Surrealistic Hand-Drawn Illustration – Use fine liners and markers to create an illustration
  5. Colorful Photo Manipulation – Use different layers, brushes and adjustments in Photoshop
  6. 3D Character Logo – Give personality and sticker effect to a fun cartoon 3D character
  7. Textured Site Layout – Create a textured site layout by layering multiple images
  8. Watercolor Themed Website – How to use Art History brush to create a watercolor background
  9. Western Text Tutorial – Easy to use western type Illustrator Effects
  10. Special Finishing Touches – Master techniques of adding spot colors, varnishes and special touches to your layout.


  1. Music Industry Fonts – 20 free font styles inspired by the music industry
  2. Font Stack – Choose from a large collection of free web fonts with failsafe font stacks
  3. Typewriter Fonts – 20 free typewriter fonts for a grunge look
  4. Lobster Font – Free download available for this remarkably beautiful typeface script font
  5. Fantasy Fonts – 30 free font downloads for an odd, eccentric and Gothic look


  1. Striped Web Background – Download and create striped background for websites
  2. Background Dotter – Create a dotted background for your website
  3. Background Maker – Variety of background in all kinds of patterns for your site
  4. Tartan Maker – Web 2.0 web design Tartan Kit with Ajax generator


  1. MadPattern – Free tool for rapidly prototyping patterns for Adobe Illustrator templates
  2. ColorZilla – Offers page zoomer, color picker, advanced eyedropper, color palettes and more
  3. Color Schemer – Professional color matching application for beginners and advance designers
  4. Abstract Background – Quick tips tutorial about how to create an abstract effect in GIMP
  5. Kuler – An internet application by Adobe allows you to try out, create and save various color schemes
  6. Color Codes Chart – This color codes matching chart offers conversions of RGB and CMYK
  7. 110+ Free RSS Icons – Select from a vast range of RSS icons to show off your RSS feed

The internet is a treasure trove of information for many disciplines, graphic design included. This is great news for graphic designers. Check out the above mentioned resources. They have a proven track record of delivering productive results and have successfully transformed good graphic designers into great ones.


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